At Sota Restaurant, we offer an extensive menu of delicacies from the sea featuring live lobsters, oysters, crabs, and mussels selected from the aguarium.

Featuring Aegean-inspi- red decor in lively hues, Sota Restaurant offers a delicious and unigue lunch & evening dining experience amid an elegant and peaceful ambience. Inspired by the unigue and diverse nature of the Aegean Sea, we aim to provide our guests with the most exgulisite seafood brought together with the freshest flavors of the season.

In our restaurant, we care deepiy about the guality, sustainability and integrity in sourcing of the products we use.

We support local and small businesses, and pay special attention to use ingredienis that are produced by traditional methods with signature geographical influences.

Sota Restaurant offers a unigue experience with seasonal feasts, a stylish atmosphere and delightful music starting from breakfast to 00:30 after midnight.

You definitely reccomend have a meal at Viento Alaçatı Hotel !, Just to taste flavour of the olive oil used in all meals coming from our own olive groves in Ayvalık and Seferihisar.

We keep frying oil and trans fats strictly out of our kitchen. Since our guests are so special for us, we use all the products during their original seasone and from their original region.

Our olive oil is produced by pressing method at the old mill in the village of Gödence. Our black olives and greeen olives are from Ayvalık. The olives collected in November every year, are being produced by ripening them for about 5 months without any additional substance.

Our cheeses are procured from the highlands of Bergama, Karaburun, Kars and Çorum.

We make our own jams of from 100% beat sugar and natural fruits without any additional ingredients. We supply our vegetable from the local producers of Alaçatı.

Enjoy the food feeling safe that, we produce and serve up from wheat to bread, salt to sugar according to ancestral modalities, pesticide-free and without any additional ingredients.


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